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Things to consider before buying a heating and cooling system.

Puron® Refrigerant

The Carrier® PerformanceTM 14 packaged gas furnace / air conditioner with Puron refrigerant delivers the comfort your family deserves with excellent reliability and proven performance.  And because it uses Puron refrigerant, this environmentally sound system won’t deplete the ozone layer.  Carrier introduced Puron refrigerant a full six years ahead of the competition, paving the way for the future of indoor comfort.  That was an important milestone because the Clean Air Act of 1990 prohibits the production of traditional HCFC-based air conditioners and heat pumps by 2010.  It also bans Freon®-22 production by 2020.  As Freon® production is reduced its cost may increase.  By comparison, Freon®-22 in the automotive industry increased by a whopping 800% seven years following its phase-out! Choose a heating and cooling system with Puron refrigerants today so you can enjoy comfort that’s environmentally sound, efficient, dependable and designed for the future.

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